BLNR More About the Service

Do we need to add an aerator to our lagoon?

No. The microbes in our inoculant are all facultative anaerobes. This means that they can operate well in anaerobic and aerobic conditions. They will thrive in your lagoon, and then continue to help decomposition once applied to your fields.

What is the process of applying the product to lagoons?

You will not need to do the Lagoon applications. We will come to your farm monthly to apply the inoculant. This gives us the opportunity to monitor the lagoon and increase the application as needed. 

What is the best way to use this product as an odour control?

The best way to control odour with this product is to dilute it at a ratio of 1:10 and spray it on your bedding pack or RCC bed until the surface is fully wet. Adjust the dilution ratio and timing based on the results you see. Monthly applications are claimed to control fries, but this has not been proven in our climate yet.