Facts on Lagoon Nutrients

Keep what you already paid for!

Did you know that as much as 70% of the initial Nitrogen and 80% of Sulphur can be lost in one year from an open manure lagoon. These are the two key elements that are needed to allow your crops to produce good levels of proteins.

A lagoon that is open to the weather loses high levels of Carbon as CO2 and Methane in the chemical process of digesting the manureAs your lagoon loses carbon, it loses the key element needed to keep nutrients available for plants. Without enough carbon in your manure many nutrients quickly become unavailable once they are applied to the soil.

As sanitizer, footbath and cleaners accumulate in your lagoon the growing sludge ‘dead-zone’ begins to make Phosphorus and Potassium less available as methane is produced. Plants and soil organisms require a lot of excess energy to be able to make these minerals available to your crop. Keeping this process from happening will allow your crops to keep more of their energy as they grow.

Any odours that you dislike from a lagoon or bedding pack are the result of nutrients being lost.  By regularly applying our biological inoculant, you will control the odours, and retain more nutrients. We were able to completely remove bad odours from our old septic system at Footstep Farms. 

We look forward to the opportunity to share the benefits of this incredible microbial work-force on your farming team!