Rate and Uses of Microbial Inoculant

How and When should the Biological Lagoon Nutrient Retention service be applied?

The best option would be to apply it monthly. We have partnered with Sunshine Custom farming to bring the product to your farm, and do the applications for 2024. To get the whole benefit of harvesting the nutrient that would be lost to the wind, controlling the negative effects of the dead zone, we recommend this option. Please request a quote for your farm using the form below.

You will not have to worry about the service once you have signed up. We will show up on a regular schedule, and monitor changes in your lagoon. As the lagoon fills we will increase the applied amount. We look forward to helping our community reap the benefits of putting the right biology to work for them. 

For anyone interested in being part of a side by side trial in 2024, we encourage you to reach out early in the winter to be included in our planning process. We are confident that the benefits of this service will go far beyond odour control, and we want to gain a better understanding of how to best benefit from this system within our unique climate. With the long cold winters, and arid summers we want to learn more about the limits of this technology.

For lagoons we also offer this product as a single application 3-6 weeks before your lagoon is pumped out. For this application we double the normal monthly rate to speed up Reducing much of your nutrients into the most plant-available form. A single application is not able to regain the nutrients lost throughout the year, but it will increase availability of what is still in the lagoon. This application will also reduce sludge, crusting and odour in the lagoon before and during pumping. 

The final service that we hope to offer for 2024 is to assist in odour control for feedlots after manure spreading. With many local cattle feedlots upgrading to RCC there has been an unexpected side effect. The pore spaces in the RCC base are creating an ideal place for the liquids to gather. The result is a perfect place for anoxic microbes to live where they produce high levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's).

If we apply our inoculation at a one time high rate over the bedding area after cleaning out the pen, the biology will quickly transition to our beneficial bacteria and fungi, and the odour will not be produced. We do not know yet if this will need to be used every time the pen is emptied, but based on our experience we are confident you will see a rapid improvement to the levels of harmful odours. If a bad septic system and a dead calf smell can be removed, then so can the feedlot smells. We look forward to helping your neighbourhood wrinkle their noses a bit less in 2024.